This landmark book shows you how to make practicing interesting and enjoyable by breaking problems into manageable tasks that you can easily master.

Filled with hundreds and hundreds of concrete things to work on, along with funny jazz anecdotes illustrating the ideas presented, The Jazz Musician’s Guide To Creative Practicing covers the things you need in order to be a complete jazz musician. Most importantly, this book helps you learn how to identify problems in your own playing and to become your own teacher.

“David Berkman’s book provides a wonderful glance at tips for practicing the art of improvising. The book is well-organized, fun to read, and is bursting with things to do and ponder. Reading through the book has definitely got my wheels turning and ideas flowing.”

– Bob Mintzer

“This is a very handy toolkit, stuffed with lots of interesting stories and good, practical information. You can’t teach a plant to grow, but you can give it a positive environment—and this book does the same thing for the aspiring jazz player. I like it!”

– Richie Beirach

“I always knew David Berkman had a way with words, but this is incredible! The Jazz Musician’s Guide To Creative Practicing is less a ‘how to’ and more a ‘what if’ kind of book. Horray! THIS is what we need more of in the world of jazz education. The book not only inspires but welcomes you to broaden your awareness. Man, I sure hope it gets made into a major motion picture!”

– Matt Wilson

“A refreshing and edifying insight into the nuts and bolts of our daily creative pursuit. For the musician on any level, this is a gift that keeps on giving.”

– Steve Wilson

“Getting the most out of your practice time is a challenge, and such an important step in realizing your fullest potential as a jazz musician. I’m really excited that David has taken this challenge head-on, and in the process, addressed (in his own funny, insightful way) many of the issues that loom large before the aspiring jazz artist. This book is an important read for jazz students and professionals alike. I’ve known David for several years, and regard him as a truly wonderful, thoughtful, and articulate pianist and composer. Congratulations!”

– Jimmy Greene

“I love reviewing various texts about how to play better. This one rings a bell for me. I have played with David, and he’s practicing what he preaches. He gives some great suggestions on how to enjoy the process of learning to improvise on any instrument. Thanks, David!”

– Lee Konitz




Finally, a clear, step-by-step approach for serious singers who want to improve their grasp of jazz harmony and gain a deeper understanding of music fundamentals.

Learn to accompany yourself, write lead sheets, understand the structure of the music, and improve your scatting.

“I highly endorse this book for singers and sure wish it had been on the scene when I was growing up. No ‘shoo be do be’s’ in this wonderful new book. David Berkman is a wonderful pianist and human being. How great of him to take the time to get a book like this together for us. Bless him.”

– Sheila Jordan, jazz singer

“David Berkman is one of the top jazz pianists working today and he brings his experience as an accompanist and as a teacher of jazz voice students to this incredible book – not only very useful to singers, but to educators alike!! A must have!”

– Dena De Rose, jazz vocalist, recording artist

“Great book! Insightful, practical, entertaining. Finally a book for vocalists that is very well organized and clearly laid out. Thank you David!”

– Christine Correa, vocal studies, Columbia University, NYC

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